AI Powered Business Process Automation

AI Powered Business Process Automation

AI Powered Business Process Automation

Power your business process with flexible plug-in-play data management, business intelligence, low-code application development, computational statistics, machine learning and AI.

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Synaptik Full Stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Platform

Reduce your OpEx by more than $20MM per year with automated ETL and artificial intelligence.


Our Clients Worldwide.

Synaptik customers using data management, data science, machine learning to boost their business outcomes

AI Powered Automation Designed for Every Department.

It’s all about creating a smarter organization using a blend of a fully automated data management / artificial intelligence / business intelligence capability that adapts with every department and workflow.

Synaptik AI / Machine Learning Stack designed for every department.

Capterra 5-Star Reviews.

Synaptik’s dedicated success team is available worldwide to ensure satisfaction.

Synaptik comes equipped with AI Big Data expertise


Certified Ph.D. expertise in neural nets / big data / machine learning / artificial intelligence.

Synaptik enterprise grade platform is ready to go for worldwide distribution.


Fully-managed infrastructure for big-data, data science & operations.

“One of the few companies we’ve seen that is as future thinking as Google Cloud – This is 5 years ahead…”
Patrick D, Google Enterprise

“Can’t beat its flexibility & raw power. Other systems are limited looking at a small spectrum of the big picture.”
Rebecca K, Northeastern University

“There is a broad range of functionality which allows us to mine various data sources, including a social listening feature which allows us to correlate social media activity with news events.”
Mark Messina, SN Marketing

“For us, the platform is so easily customizable, that we can use it with all customers, each of whom want something different – regards to data input and report outputs.”Michael Farmer, Farmer & Company

“Synaptik makes it easy to blend multiple datasets for faster syndication of important information across multiple client accounts.”Anthony Medico, Allscope Direct


If Your Company Isn’t Good at Analytics, It’s Not Ready for AI …more

by Nick Harrison & Deborah O’Neill – JUNE 07, 2017

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