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Example Code:

Account Configuration

Account Feature

Under Account Management, edit the desired account and check the Api box in the Features section. Then click save.

User Settings

On the users page in the admin section, edit the desired user and check the Api access checkbox, then click Save.

API Usage

Getting an API token

Api keys are user specific. Once the API feature is enabled for the account and API access is granted for the user, a user can log in, click on their name in the upper left hand corner, select the User Settings link, which will take them to an overview of their settings.

The user can then click the Generate Token button to (re)generate their API token. This token will be used with every API request.

Making an API request

Usage in brief is: https://URL/api/v1/query?token=<token id>&search=<search string>&cdg=<collection document group>&page=<page number>&per_page=<results per page>

Responses are in JSON format.

Example usage would be:

curl ''

{"meta"=>{"token_expires_in_hours"=>626.07, "records_found"=>810, "records_per_page"=>10, "current_page"=>0, "total_pages"=>81},
    "text_search_field"=>"Rakabulle, Advance File Binder from DarkComet RAT Developer",
    "title"=>"Rakabulle, Advance File Binder from DarkComet RAT Developer",
    "text_search_field"=>"Nanonore RAT | Hacking | Cyber Security",
    "title"=>"Nanonore RAT | Hacking | Cyber Security",


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