AI Powered Business Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Synaptik comes equipped with data science AI capabilities, machine learning plugins and PhD level scientists who can utilize your data for collective business intelligence and assistive automation.


What is Artificial Intelligence

AI is considered a suitcase term in which an artificial physical or digital system appears to act intelligent, whether it be a simple algorithm, to a voice recommendation search engine, to a group of swarm bots picking and packing consumer goods in a warehouse making intelligent decision on best optimal paths. Those implementations would still be considered “Narrow AI” designed for a specific purpose vs. “General AI” which currently still is the stuff of Hollywood – where a self-teaching machine can continually evolve taking in any form of sensor data and finding any form of articulation with self-motivation. The closest we’ve come is unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) which at its most sophisticated level are Deep Neural Nets (DNN) where continual neural-evolution after many iterations of training, increases a winning outcome for the machine.

Is AI Valuable to your Business?

Artificial Intelligence combined with Human activity on average results in ~30% performance increase or financial returns is designed to assist or take over a function on behalf of human intervention. In classical programming you can code logic; where as with Machine Learning you can train a model to identify patterns and articulate a response automatically.