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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Synaptik delivers best in class interactive knowledge base, crossing between various libraries to represent structured and unstructured data exactly how you need it.
Search and filter your entire collected warehouse of graph data, extracting key performance indicators, usage over time and percentages of the whole. Your team members experience data in a way that is familiar. Some like spreadsheets, some like pivot tables, some like charts and some like simple total numbers. Auto-Generate daily reports and share via email.

What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is a self-service repository of all your business information about a product, service, competitor, client or topic.

What is a Graph Database?

A graph database represents relationships between entities or objects, which can be used to represent workflows as well as a social graph.

What is Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data includes long form text, images, videos audio and even html. Synaptik can store it all, including your R, Python, Perl and Javascript library.