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Big Data Definition, Process, Strategies and Resources

Are we at the Big Data tipping point? The Big Data space is warming up – to the point that various experts by now perceive it as the over-hyped successor to cloud. The publicity might be a bit much, however Big Data is by now […]

Intelligent influence: How to use Google APIs  to bolster your social media content

As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For social media influencers, however, a picture or video can be worth thousands of dollars. Social media influencing, driven primarily by sharing photo and video content across popular social media channels, represents a […]

How Alternative Data Can Transform Your Business Intelligence

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is about harnessing new sources of Alternative Data. True Interaction built SYNAPTIK, our Data Management, Analytics, and Machine Learning Platform, specifically to make it easy to collect and manage core and alternative data/media types for more meaningful data discovery. For more information or a demo, please […]

Resiliency Tech: A Signal in the Storm

Redundancy is a four-letter word in most settings, but when it comes to emergency management and disaster relief, redundant systems reduce risk and saves lives. Tropical Storm Harvey caused at least 148,000 outages for internet, tv and phone customers, making it impossible for people to […]

Digital Transformation Fatigue – Getting the Most Out of Your Data

In 2011 Ken Perlman from Kotter International, conducted a workshop on change and innovation and saw how continual change was taking a toll on employees as they were exhausted and fatigued. This research from Perlman concluded that 70 percent of transformation efforts failed. Not much has […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Catalyze Creativity?

In the 2017 “cerebral” Olympic games, artificial intelligence defeated the human brain in several key categories. Google’s AlphaGo beat the best player of Go, humankind’s most complicated strategy game; algorithms taught themselves how to predict heart attacks better than the AHA (American Heart Association); and Libratus, […]

Sparking Digital Communities: Broadcast Television’s Answer to Netflix

In the late 1990s and early 2000s network television dominated household entertainment. In 1998, nearly 30% of the population in the United States tuned into the NBC series finale of “Seinfeld”. Six years later, NBC’s series finale of the popular sitcom “Friends” drew 65.9 million […]

AI and the Classroom: Machine Learning in Education

Situation For years schooling has been typified by its aspect of the physical grind on the part of both students and their teachers: teachers cull and prepare educational materials, manually grade students’ homework, and provide feedback to the students (and the students’ parents) on their learning progress. […]

Neural Networks: What They Are, and Their Many Applications

It’s behind the Tesla autopilot feature. It’s your recommendations from Netflix. It’s when Siri recognizes your speech and serves you results. It’s the foundation for your credit card’s fraud detection technology. We see the application of neural networks and machine learning all around us today […]

How Blockchain will Transform Media and Entertainment

I recently blogged about blockchain where I described the technology and why it could be a revolutionary development, and also explored its various applications across a number of industries. Today, let’s take a closer look at blockchain in entertainment and media: its various applications, how it is […]

Leveraging  Data and Revenue Opportunities in Media Syndication

In the modern digital era where people are constantly bombarded by web and mobile content, any expectation of success for digital media creators requires advantageous placement of their content. In most cases, that means disseminating media across as many platforms as can conceivably host it. […]

Using Machine Learning To Automate and Streamline Your Online Business Model

Looking for an online business model that can automate your data management? The time is now to take full advantage of machine learning. Time is money, and this is nowhere more true than in the world of business. If you are searching for an online business […]

Departments Run on Spreadsheets, Because…

There’s a dangerous secret lurking in non-IT departments at many organizations. It’s the fact that mission-critical information, including customer and employee data, is permanently housed in spreadsheets. Even with cloud-based spreadsheet options, there’s a host of business risks associated with this method of data management. […]

The Artificial-Services Economy

The subject came up recently, about the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) on jobs and, presumably, the economy more broadly. The response was framed as a number of years away from that point of impact, and the ensuing retort likewise, albeit of much smaller numbers.

Digital Transformation capability and the modern business landscape

Yesterday morning, The Wall Street journal announced that Goldmann Sachs Group Inc.  dropped out of R3CEV LLC blockchain group. R3 has been notable in it’s corralling of 70 different banks and financial firms to join their group since 2014, including Bank of America, J.P. Morgan and State […]

To Maximize BI, You Must Master Data Management

The sheer volume of data that exists and continuously accumulates, growing at the astonishing rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced daily, can be an intimidating concept for many companies. However, if businesses wish to stimulate productivity growth and explore and maximize its capacity […]

Ensure Data Discovery ROI with Data Management

The explosion of data is an unavoidable facet of today’s business landscape. Domo recently released its fourth annual installment of its Data Never Sleeps research for 2016, illustrating the amount of data that is being generated in one minute on a variety of different platforms […]

Achieving Continuous Business Transformation through Machine Learning

In the past, I’ve blogged about applying Agile methodology to businesses at large: what we are seeing in business today is that the concept of “business transformation” isn’t something that is undergone once or even periodically – business transformation is becoming a continuous process. Today, […]

Wrangling Data for Compliance, Risk & Regulatory Requirements

(N.B. This article addresses the financial services industry, however, the insight and tips therein are applicable to nearly any industry today. ~EIC) The financial services industry has always been characterized by its long list of compliance, risk, and regulatory requirements. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the industry […]

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