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“I couldn’t have done it without Synaptik. It would’ve been impossible…”Marketing Strategist – Cheryl Hoops



Cloud Migration

Acquiring quantitative and qualitative data from various data sources can be a hassle, and prepping it for intelligence and analysis can be even more challenging. Websites, social media channels, video content sites, government databases, APIs & SQL databases require different techniques, have their own limitations, and require technical expertise; which is why Synaptik as a platform comes equipped with data professionals who assist in building or configuring your own data agents for 1-click ease of use.

Data Management & Warehousing

Synaptik’s fully-managed infrastructure makes big-data in the cloud is fast, auto-scalable, secure and on-demand when you need it. With auto-ingestion data-transfer agents, and web-based interfaces similar to spreadsheets you can parse and calculate new metadata to increase dimensionality and insights, using server-side computing, which is a challenge for user-side spreadsheet tools.

Custom Applications & Models

Synaptik makes it easy to build out software applications as plugins to control data and other systems at a fraction of the cost; as well as makes it easier for business environments to connect with shared models, statistical tools and Machine Learning specialists for Deep Mining and Predictions.


One company is reducing their OpEx by $34MM per year using Synaptik, with automated ETL and Workflow. “Synaptik has enabled us to find things that others can’t, and at incredible speed. Let’s keep this train going!” private client

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